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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Sleep Research’s Primitive Beginnings

    With all of the conversation revolving around sleep, you’d think that it was a new discovery rather than something we have been doing naturally, and which we share with every other living creature. The truth is that though man has slept for as long as we can remember, the topic has only become a scientific interest in the last few decades. Prior to that, sleep was thought of as some kind of magical state of being in which the body simply shut down and then reawakened. Continue reading

  • Sleeping Arrangements

    Last night my Wife and I slept in separate bedrooms. It wasn’t because of a fight, or snoring, or because one of us had a cold that we didn’t want the other one to catch. No, the reason why I gathered my blanket and pillow and left for another room was simply that the dog had decided to get in between us, then spend the rest of the night pushing me off the bed. By 1 a.m., I surrendered. Continue reading

  • Don’t Let Your Sleep Suffer During the Holidays

    The holidays are one of the most enjoyable times of year, but they can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. Between the effort that you need to put into entertaining and shopping for gifts and managing your kids’ high level of excitement, it is easy to find yourself short on the rest that you need. The rich foods and celebrations with alcohol can make things even more difficult. Not only do we tend to gain weight from the calories that we are eating and drinking, but our exercise regiment may also suffer with the additional social activities on our schedules, as well as the arrival of cooler temperatures. Continue reading

  • Sleep Escaping You? Here are Some Different Ways to Amp Up Your Down Time!

    Getting the sleep that you need each night to wake up feeling refreshed may be high on your priority list, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy thing to accomplish. There are plenty of us who wish that we could get a full seven or eight hours of sleep per night but who find ourselves tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling instead of snoozing the night away. There are a number of sleep disorders that may be behind this problem, and seeking medical help is a good idea if you believe that you’ve done everything you can to help yourself get drowsy and go to sleep, but chances are good that there are still things that you could be doing. Here are a few bits of advice that have proven to be extremely effective, and may be a bit different than the ones that you’ve probably already seen. Continue reading

  • Beating Jet Lag The Scientific Way

    Jet lag is a problem that didn’t exist before the advent of air travel. Prior to being able to climb onto a plane and travel halfway around the world in a matter of hours, the human body could not be transported across time lines fast enough to throw the body’s circadian rhythms out of sync. But now that we can place ourselves into daylight when our body thinks it should be dark, there is a real need for solutions that can help us to recover as quickly as possible. Sleep researchers have determined several things that travelers can do to shorten jet lag’s impact and counter the confusion and sense of malaise that it can bring. Continue reading

  • Why Sleep Is As Important As Nutrition and Exercise

    Even though moms and dads around the world have been urging their kids to go to sleep with at least as much enthusiasm as they put into getting them to eat their dinners, it’s only been in the last several years that doctors have begun to stress sleep as one of the body’s three important health pillars. But as more and more research has been done into the good that an adult body gets out of getting between seven and nine hours of sleep, and the frightening negative outcomes of not getting enough sleep (or indeed, of getting too much), health advocates around the world are urging people to make sleep a much higher priority. Continue reading

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