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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Is It Insomnia, or Is It Our Culture?

    The United States is becoming increasingly obsessed with sleep. Consumer products that promise to improve our sleep quality and quantity, or else monitor it to tell us what we’re doing wrong, are flooding the market, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared our level of sleep deprivation as a national health epidemic. The National Sleep Foundation recently conducted a study that revealed that over half of us are suffering from insomnia “at least a few nights a week.” But what is insomnia? Continue reading

  • The ultimate bed?

    While the majority of Americans find comfort in traditional innerspring or memory foam mattresses, there are always innovators looking for a way to “build a better mousetrap.” A great example of this is the Balluga Bed, the creation of inventor Joe Katan. Continue reading

  • Mastering The Coffee Nap

    In today’s world of high tech gadgets and solutions to every one of life’s little problems, it never fails to amaze when science comes up with a better way of doing something that is also incredibly simple. An example is the recent discovery of the power of the “coffee nap.”

    A coffee nap is as simple as combining drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee and then immediately taking a quick nap. It has been found to be far more effective at making you feel energized and alert then either drinking a cup of coffee alone, or just taking a nap Continue reading

  • Monday Morning Fatigue? It’s Probably Social Jet Lag

    Monday mornings are notoriously the most difficult day of the week for waking up with any level of energy. Though most people think it’s just the psychological impact of having to return to the real world after a weekend of relaxation, sleep scientists have a completely different story for why we have such a hard time waking up on the first day of each week. It’s all about that staying up and sleeping in that you did on Friday and Saturday night and Saturday and Sunday morning. Continue reading

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