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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • Spring Is Almost Here, And So Are The Allergies!

    If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, then the return of spring (or summer, or fall, depending upon exactly what you’re allergic to) is a mixed blessing. You’re thrilled to the return of green leaves on the trees, the lush grass and the bounty of flowers, but at the same time you know that their return also means watery eyes, sniffles, and worst of all – interrupted sleep. Yet for all of your suffering, you may not be doing everything that you can to make things easier on yourself — at least that’s what a new study says. Continue reading

  • Why The World Can’t Sleep

    Lest you think that sleep deprivation is a uniquely American problem, there are reports that people all around the world are doing the same thing that we’re doing, tossing and turning and staring at the ceiling until the wee hours. I an attempt to get a better understanding of what is happening to our ability to rest globally, the research firm KJT Group and Philips recently conducted a study titled “Sleep: A Global Perspective. The data that they collected revealed what the main sleep disturbances are around the world. Continue reading

  • Matching Work Schedules To Natural Sleep Rhythm

    You probably have a pretty good idea about what your chronotype is, even if you have never heard the term before. Your chronotype is your body’s natural sleep schedule — in other words, whether you are an early bird, a night owl, or somewhere in between. Though there is a scientific way of specifically identifying this rhythm, chances are good that after years of self-observation, you know exactly which camp you fall into. And that information may come in handy if employers ever choose to act on the research that has just been completed by a group of German researchers. They say that if your work schedule is linked to your body’s chronotype, you will get a much better night’s sleep and be a more productive employee. Continue reading

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