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  • Columbia, Missouri Teen Makes Big Changes in Her School’s Schedule

    Seventeen-year old Jilly Dos Santos made an enormous impact on her school community, as well as on the well-being of her fellow students, by doing a little research and speaking up. The teen, a sophomore at Rock Bridge High School, had consistently struggled with getting to school on time for the 7:50 a.m. first bell, so when she heard that her district’s school board was meeting to discuss shifting the school’s starting time to 7:20 a.m., she decided to take action. Continue reading

  • Sleep Stealers

    Sleep is a valuable commodity. Get enough of it and you feel bright and strong and ready to take on the world. Get too little and you spend your days dragging and are far more likely to suffer from a number of health issues, including heart disease and obesity. Nearly every day’s news features another danger of sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, getting the sleep that you want and need isn’t always as easy as just lying down in bed and closing your eyes. If you are a person who is having a hard time getting the restful sleep that your body needs, you may be making one or more critical mistakes that are working against your best intentions. Here are the top sleep stealers that you can eliminate from your life: Continue reading

  • Spain’s Siesta Being Reconsidered

    Sleep scientists and researchers are paying special attention to a recent political issue in the country of Spain. Long known for its daily siesta and its late night life, the country is currently giving serious consideration to revising its workday schedule and eliminating the siesta that has long been a part of its culture. Continue reading

  • Depression and Sleep

    An innovative sleep study conducted utilizing adult identical twins as well as a separate study of adolescents within a community have both strengthened scientists’ understanding of the link between the amount of sleep that we get each night and our risk of experiencing depression. Continue reading

  • Mattress Temperature Technology

    As memory foam mattresses have become more and more popular, mattress manufacturers have been faced with a number of issues that have needed to be addressed, most notably the issue of chemical off-gassing from the materials that the mattresses have been composed of, and the question of ensuring the mattress’ comfort in terms of temperature. New materials have been utilized and controls put in place to take care of chemical odor, but as the baby boom generation of women find themselves facing the realities of menopause, and those very same women lead in decision-making responsibilities for the family’s mattress purchases, manufacturers have had to constantly redirect their efforts at ensuring that mattresses offer palatable solutions to the problem of temperature control. Continue reading

  • Getting your Beauty Sleep is Real

    In a unique study conducted at the University Hospitals Case Medical Center, sleep researchers have made a real connection between the amount and quality of sleep that an individual gets and their appearance. Though many people have long complained about looking tired or having a problem with dark circles under their eyes when they haven’t gotten the sleep that they need, this study shows that sleep deprivation can have a much more far-reaching impact.  Continue reading

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