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Sleep Children

  • Basketball Player’s Performance Shows Performance of Sleep

    Seems like no matter where you turn these days you’ll find a story on the news or a new product touting the importance of getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Though there are certain naysayers who claim that sleeping that long is a waste of potential productivity, and several industry executives who will proudly point to their own ability to function at a high level on just a few hours of sleep per night, the scientific community says that the ability to perform at a high level on so little sleep is either imagined or exceedingly rare. Those who question the need to get a full night’s sleep on a consistent level need look no farther than the recent experience of New York Knicks forward Jason Smith. Continue reading

  • Pennsylvania School Districts Dismiss Research on Teen Sleep Needs

    This year, the beginning of the school year was made a bit more interesting by an announcement released by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The esteemed medical group released a policy statement recommending that school districts shift the start time of high schools, adjusting their school schedules so that high school classes begin no earlier than 8:30 in the morning. The reasoning behind the guideline was the steady accumulation of data showing that adolescents need it.  Continue reading

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