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Sleep Medication

  • Natural Alternatives to Using Sleep Aids

    With sleep deprivation and insomnia on the rise in the United States, it is estimated that as many as nine million American adults are relying on prescription medications to help them get to sleep each night. Unfortunately, despite the fact that this pills may offer a quick fix they are not necessarily the best answer, as they may be addictive and some may cause to side effects that can cause the users other health problems.  The other problem with using sleeping pills is that using them does nothing to get to the cause of the insomnia, and therefore is not actually a cure as much as a method of treating a symptom.  Continue reading

  • Making Up For Lost Sleep Takes Time

    There are many pleasures to sleeping in on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Sleeping late or lying in bed and reading the newspaper or having a leisurely weekend breakfast can be a luxury well-worth indulging in, but if you’re sleeping in because you think that doing so will make up for all of the sleep that you’ve lost over the course of the week, think again. The idea that you can binge on sleep in order to be recharged for the following week is simply counterproductive, and can often end up making you feel worse. Continue reading

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