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Sleep Pain

  • Back Pain Keeping You Up at Night? Here’s Help

    One of the number one issues that keep people from getting a good night’s sleep is the problem of chronic back pain, and this often debilitating condition is doing more than affecting our ability to sleep – according to a recent survey, it is also the cause of a good deal of absenteeism from work, and one of the top reasons that people go to see their doctor. By some estimates, roughly eighty percent of the American public will experience back pain at some point in their life, and that means that it is important to know the steps to take to protect yourself from the risk of injury, as well as what to do once you do start to feel pain. Continue reading

  • Researchers Find Improved Sleep Helps With Treatment of Chronic Pain

    A study conducted at the University of Warwick is revealing that among other positive impacts of improved sleep, when chronic pain patients are provided with tools that improve the quality and quantity of their sleep, it has a dual benefit on their wellbeing. Continue reading

  • Vitamins and their Role in Sleep

    Scientists researching the impact of nutrition on our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep have uncovered a great deal of information about the role that various vitamins play in our lives. As it turns out, Vitamin B plays a number of key roles, including the regulation of the body’s ability to regulate its use of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps our bodies produce serotonin, the feel good chemical that makes us fall asleep. Other important vitamin  contributions include: Continue reading

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