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  • A Solution For Sleeping on Planes?

    Boeing has long been known as a leader and innovator in flight technology, and now the company has applied for a patent for a new “Transport Vehicle Upright Sleep Support System” that it says will revolutionize air travel by providing a solution to the discomforts and difficulties of trying to sleep on a plane. Continue reading

  • Feeding Your Sleep

    Food has become the stuff of science. Where once it seemed like it was just what we put into our mouths to abate hunger, food has now been classified into categories that denote all of its magical powers and elements – super foods, comfort foods, junk foods. Now sleep experts are telling us that there are certain foods that can be classified as sleep foods, and non-sleep foods — foods that either help us get a good night’s sleep or actively work against that happening. It’s all about the different nutrients they contain, their density, and whether they contain stimulants that makes the difference, and some of what has been discovered may seem like common knowledge. After all, we’ve all had the experience of catching ourselves falling asleep after we’ve eaten a big meal, or staring at the ceiling after making the mistake of being tempted by the cappuccino machine at the end of dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant. Continue reading

  • Struggling to Get To Sleep? Stop

    I am a person who frequently struggles with falling asleep. That is not to say that I am sleep deprived - I have the luxury of making my own hours, so if I spend an hour or two tossing and turning and trying to find the cool side of the pillow, I am able to sleep in later and make up for lost rest. I’m lucky in this and I know it. Continue reading

  • It’s Daylight Savings Time Again!

    It’s two weeks before spring and time to spring forward once again, setting our clocks forward by one hour. Most of us do this dutifully when the newscasters tell us to without giving the whole thing much thought or having any understanding of why we do it. The history behind our annual change is rather interesting. It was first introduced in the United States while we were in the midst of World War I, when it was thought that by moving the clock forward an hour we would need to use less electricity at night and save energy. Once the war was over the time shift was immediately repealed by Congress because people hated it so much, and though Woodrow Wilson vetoed the repeal, Congress prevailed — twice. Continue reading

  • Secrets to Being a Better Sleeper

    Most people who are on a quest to get better quality sleep focus their efforts on their night-time routine, but the truth is that many of the secrets of being a better sleeper revolve around the things that you do throughout the course of the day. If you are looking to have more energy, look better and stop feeling drowsy during the day, here are the habits that well-rested people have. Add them to your routine and you’ll find yourself falling asleep more easily, staying asleep throughout the night, and feeling much more alert and bright-eyed in the morning. Continue reading

  • Time Spent With Devices Exceeds Time Spent On Sleep

    There’s word rom the latest Ofcom report, and the news is not good. According to the results of a survey done in the United Kingdom, the average adult there spends eight hours and forty-one minutes paying attention to their electronic devices, whether that means indulging in social media, reading work-related communications, or perusing digital media. Compare this measure to the amount of time that is spent on sleep and you see the dilemma — sleep is accounting for just eight hours and 21 minutes per day, and experts say that the figure spent on sleep is probably an overstatement. Continue reading

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