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Temperature Regulating IntelliTemp™ Technology

Temperature Regulating IntelliTemp Technology

IntelliTemp™ Technology Keeps Cover From Becoming Too Warm or Too Cool

Micro-capsules in the cover fabric heat up or cool down in response to your body temperature, ensuring you enjoy "just right" comfort night after night.

Development of Temperature Regulating Technology

Since designing the first space suits in the 1950s, NASA has been interested in developing materials to keep astronauts comfortable and cool. In order to protect an astronaut from the extreme temperatures in space, engineers at Johnson Space Center created liquid-cooled garments that run water in small channels throughout the suit in what is called an active control system. However, in the 1980s, NASA began to investigate passive control strategies—fabric that could control temperature without pumped liquids—building on work by the U.S. Air Force.

Phase change materials (PCMs) control temperature swings in textiles using passive control strategies. These PCMs change state at different temperatures, such as when wax melts and reforms as it heats up and cools down.

IntelliTemp™ Technology

The stylish cover of the Thomasville® Natural Flex® Ultra Latex Foam Mattresses feature IntelliTemp™ temperature regulating technology. Micro-capsules in the cover fabric contain phase change materials, which heat up or cool down in response to your body temperature, ensuring you are never too warm or too cool as you sleep. The micro-capsules change from liquid to solid and vice-versa as they release or absorb excess heat, depending on the environment. The micro-capsules give off heat as they change to a solid state and absorb heat as they return to a liquid state.

IntelliTemp™ technology ensures that you will enjoy that “just right” level of comfort night after night.

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