1. Thomasville® Ultra 955

    Thomasville® Ultra 955

    ON SALE from $2,099.99

    If you are looking for a better night's sleep, look no further. Relax and recharge with the 11" Thomasville® 955 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress, featuring three inches of luxurious premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam and contouring comfort foam. The healthy support and unmatched comfort of a premium latex bed is just a click away.

  2. Thomasville® Ultra 960

    Thomasville® Ultra 960

    from $1,699.99

    A healthy, refreshing night's sleep is what we all dream of. Turn that dream into a reality with the12" Thomasville® 960 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress. Premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam will deliver night after night of rejuvenating sleep by eliminating unhealthy pressure points. Find out for yourself why our latex beds are what sweet dreams are made of.

  3. Thomasville® Ultra 970

    Thomasville® Ultra 970

    from $1,999.99

    Chase away the stress of the day on the 13" Thomasville® 970 Natural Flex® Latex Mattress. The ultra-indulgent combination of premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam and contouring Dunlop latex foam promotes proper alignment to reduce tossing and turning. Say goodbye to body aches and pains for good and enjoy the healthy benefits of latex foam today.

  4. Thomasville® Ultra 980

    Thomasville® Ultra 980

    from $2,899.99

    Lose yourself in luxury with the Thomasville® Natural Flex® Ultra 980 14" latex mattress. A full six inches of hypo-allergenic, ultra-indulgent premium Talalay ULTRALatex™ foam ensures night after night of luxuriously comfortable sleep. Wake up each day feeling refreshed and recharged and turn unhealthy, restless sleep into a vague memory .

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